Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures! Yay! I am sure you are all so excited....these pictures are kind of from whatever and are in no particular order. And, I sort of messed up formatting them....I don't know how to fix that so, whatever.

This is a picture of a street in the market in the Old City. It was such a nice day, but then the weather turned rather wet and rainy--which was actually so beautiful and fun. I was wearing my sandals though and it made me realize just how much dirty, gross stuff was floating around the streets. It just felt like a moment from a book or something....the sudden rain and the storekeepers sweeping away the puddles.

This is a monk named Matthias. We met him at the Church of the Visitation in Ein Kerem (the traditional birthplace of John the Baptist). It was actually funny, because when we were trying to walk down to the village, we got so mixed up and couldn't find the path. A really nice Israeli medical student named Jonathan helped us find our way down. As I was walking with him, he told me about this really nice monk name Matthias. So, I thought it was pretty cool when we actually got to meet him. We walked up to the gate and it was locked. He was so friendly and just invited us to jump over the gate (the gate had spikes on it basically...) and he was just laughing his head off watching us try and get over--which we did eventually. I'm a champion fence jumper really. Ein Kerem was a really fun place to visit and just so beautiful and peaceful. There was a quiet feeling there with lots of gardens. Matthias actually opened up his garden for us to walk through because I was telling him how beautiful I thought it was. That day we also met a really cool artist. We ate lunch in his garden at his house and then he invited us to come and see his artwork. I wished I could buy something, but it was way too expensive. He did give me a postcard of one as a gift though. So many cool people....

This is the really cool sign pointing to the Mormon University--home sweet home.

And below, one of the actual Giza Pyramids....who does that?

These next pictures are some pictures that I am kind of proud of for one reason or another. Maybe they will give a little flavor of things I've seen:

I got some pita bread from these women. It was absolutely warm and soft...(This was in Cairo.)

The pictures above are from Egypt. This is my camel, Bob Marley. And on the right is lunch--washed down with a highly caffeinated Coke. Delicious. Just some random things, I guess.

Some random recent ones....

This picture is from some ruins at the Pools of Bethesda.

This is a group of us visiting the Dome of the Rock. You can probably tell that I'm getting tired, because my explanations are pretty sparse. Hopefully the pictures are kind of cool anyways.

Last one for now--I thought this picture was so cool. We were at the David Citadel Museum. There has been quite a bit of rain the past couple of days. If you look closely, you can see the BYU Jerusalem Center to the right of the church spire, in the distance on the mount and directly under the center of the rainbow.


  1. congrats on getting the pictures up. britt and i love them. keep up all the great adventuring.

  2. Thank you for sharing those pictures, Jayne. Thank you for taking the time to post them on your blog. What a great adventure you are having! We are so excited for you!We look forward to reading more about your experiences in the Holy Land.Meanwhile stay happy, healthy, and safe.
    Love, Aunt Charlene and Uncle Gerald

  3. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Wow. I love them! I was glad when you told me to click on them so I could see them bigger. I can't believe all the adventures you are going on. And how fun that JJ and Ryan are there. You should tell them hello for me. Love you!

  5. The pictures are actually very good. I do like the pictures which focus on the people in their own setting. Getting to know them must very enriching.

  6. Jayne posted pictures.
    Amazing, from Giza to Pita.
    Jerusalem. Awe.

  7. You were in my dream last night! I think that means you should blog again.